This is just a short excerpt for the about page.


I am Stephen Garner, an aspiring sports journalist from Maywood, Illinois who is selfless, competitive, and passionate.

In my life, I prioritize God and family. My family is a close-knit group that spends endless amounts of time together. They are my rock, my motivation, and make for the best support system I could ask for.

Aside from my family, I enjoy spending time with friends, trying new foods and activities, traveling, furthering my knowledge about history as a whole, listening to music, conversing with those of perspectives different than mine, encouraging or motivating others, reading, and being involved with sports. Whether it is playing, or watching, if I am involved specifically with basketball, baseball, or football, I am right at home. I do also love being pushed out of my comfort zone, as it is in those moments that we tend to discover new things about ourselves.

When given a task, I am a very dedicated and determined individual that strives for as much success as possible while putting forth a concerted effort. Being an avid sports fan and sports participant, I am also very competitive in all that I participate in, and will always put forth my best effort. Writing has always been a talent, and while sports (specifically basketball) are my preference, I am well-versed in worldly happenings, history, and music.  I also enjoy communicating and working with a team, as communication is one of my strongest traits.

As for my future endeavors, aside from sports journalism, I plan to become a philanthropist after I have settled into my career. I enjoy giving back to communities, and people less fortunate, and that is something I believe the world needs more of. Seeing other people smile is something that could never get old, and doing so while helping them makes my life most fulfilling.