The NBA is well-known for its efforts in the communities of their deeply devoted fans.

Whether it be efforts monetarily in donation to aid hurricane stricken cities, or philanthropic efforts in inner city Boys and Girls Club’s, the NBA and its players do an almost unparalleled job with assisting in the communities of the United States.


The NBA does indeed hold their franchises accountable for assisting in their communities, things have been this way for quite some time. However, the efforts of franchises in their individual cities, outside of the requirements of the NBA, have helped elevate the level of respect for the brand. These efforts have also increased the engagement in social issues that other leagues may refrain from commenting on. It is hard to fault other leagues and franchises for not commenting on certain issues, as it is a slippery slope in regards to the relationship with fans and how fragile it could become delving into such issues. However, it is extremely courageous and much appreciated that the NBA and its franchises have no hesitation when it comes to addressing the happenings of the country off the court.


Aside from being extremely philanthropic and active in communities, something that has made this generation of athletes unique when compared to the athletes of past generations is social media. For better and for worse at times, social media allows for a more personal look into the lives of professional athletes. As with any platform, when used right, social media use can be extremely productive and reach masses more quickly than a scheduled press conference. The raw opinions and perspectives of players can be seen at any time with a simple post from them. The past few years have seen more and more players, specifically on Twitter, use this platform to speak to their fans and the world. NBA athletes took to Twitter this weekend to address their displeasure with comments from President Trump, and players like Chris Paul and Lebron James had tweets that made headlines. Aside from both being unbelievable talents on the hardwood, they are just as unbelievable with how they carry themselves as men. Paul, being President of the NBA Players Association and James, being the First Vice President, they felt obligated to comment on President Trump’s tweet directed at Stephen Curry, member of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. Curry, along with many other teammates and members of the Warriors organization mentioned that they were not interested in the annual White House due to who was occupying the oval office.

All of this being mentioned was to help understand my thought process when asking, what campaign is next from the NBA in regards to campaigns regarding the state of the country?

In past seasons, the NBA has taken a stand against violence, which I have written about recently along with spreading awareness on other issues that have come up in recent years like the Trayvon Martin situation, the Kaepernick situation last season, and even standing against one of their own with the racist comments that led to the forced sale, and lifetime ban given to former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling .

The NBA has been very creative with establishing a productive and effective response to such issues, and also made sure for things to be done in an organized and unified way.

My anticipation for this upcoming season on the court has been matched with what the NBA will come up with in response to the state of the country.

This will be a season for the history books!

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Be great!

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