In today’s society, and especially in the sports field, narrative supplies plentiful amounts of intrigue that could be good or bad for the subject. Formats from the “Cinderella Story” format of the subject overcoming adverse situations, to the “David versus Goliath” format where the subject overcomes an opponent to do the unimaginable. Narrative garners attention. For the case of Chris Paul, the story of his career has yet to be finished. He also has a few more chapters he would like to add to his story as well.

Imagine being a professional athlete that, in many ways, contradicts a good majority of the stereotypes that are posed to those of your profession. Also, imagine being widely regarded as one of the best ever, as well as one of the best to ever in your profession. Imagine having all of these individual accolades, endorsements, and cosigns from other legends in your profession, but missing that one accomplishment that you want the most. This sums up the career of Los Angeles Clippers Point Guard, Chris Paul. Now in his 11th season, Paul is a well established veteran that is now in search of one seemingly elusive accomplishment, which is winning an NBA Championship.

As previously mentioned, Paul has constantly defeated the odds throughout his career. Most NBA players play varsity basketball as freshman in high school, and also know that they want to be professional basketball players as well. Paul on the other hand, had his sights on the NFL as he was the starting Quarterback for his school before he made the varsity team for basketball. Paul also is not the athletic behemoth, or large statured dominant force that a good majority of the NBA’s all time greats are. Paul’s stature is that of the typical American man. Seeing him in a casual attire, he could very well be mistaken for teacher, or that of another more common career. He is only 6 ft. tall and only weighs around 195 lbs. However, Paul has overcome those differences with his uncanny and wittily high IQ for the game, his deceptive quickness, and his otherworldly fundamentals. Honed through his much renown work ethic, Paul has beat the odds by becoming an elite basketball player in a game where height, strength, and athleticism typically dominate. Another way he has separated himself is the way he conducts himself when not on the basketball court. Paul, in many ways, is the consummate professional. He is not the typical arrogant, and flashy basketball player. He contradicts the stereotypes that are typically associated with NBA players. His ears are not pierced, he does not have any tattoos, he is mild mannered, humble, and family oriented among his other great qualities. Paul has done great for himself, so well that it is hard not to cheer for an athlete like him. However, as Paul said on the record, “Unfortunately for me, I’ve had 11 seasons of knowing what it’s like to not win a championship.”

Lastly, it seems appropriate to leave all readers with a video that helps sum up who Chris Paul is. Enjoy.

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